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Individual project

  • Some business models do not fit into standard e-commerce solutions. For such projects, customized solutions are developed, which may include:
  • + specially selected selection options,
  • + integration with a large number of external resources,
  • + setting up individual client interaction scenarios with the site,
  • + creating bots for communication automation,
  • + specific modules update commodity balances and pricing,
  • + optimization of sites under high load and preasure
  • + optimization of processing large data for high page load speeds
  • and much more …
  • A site with a well-thought-out algorithm, designed specifically for your business, makes it easier to work with a client. By guiding the customer along a premeditated decision-making path, you can increase the conversion of requests into sales.

Recommended Services

Base Store
(Shopify store)

  • + Setup adminpanel platform Shopify
  • + Customize the design of the available templates
  • + Setting categories, subcategories of goods

Standart store

  • + Customized UI / UX design
  • + Creating an unlimited number of categories and subcategories of goods.
  • + Advanced site search with a choice of categories, keywords

Standart Store
+ Marketplace

  • + All features of the Standart Store
  • + Export product listings to Amazon
  • + Adding, changing, deleting information about the product on the site and on Amazon through the admin panel of the site

Technical support

  • + Completion of sites on CMS OpenCart
  • + Installing and configuring modules from the list of Standart Store
  • + Customization for your niche

Landing Page

  • + Development of the structure and design of the page
  • + Placement of conversion enhancements: lead magnets, CTA
  • + Placement of surveys and questionnaires

Individual project