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Standart Store

  • + Customized UI / UX design
  • + Creating an unlimited number of categories and subcategories of goods.
  • + Advanced site search with a choice of categories, keywords
  • + Filter system with automatic addition of filtering parameters
  • + Dynamic basket
  • + Product page contains:
    - Name,
    - Short description,
    - Full description,
    - Main photo,
    - up to 6 additional photos,
    - Characteristics of the goods: weight, size, ...),
    - Available options (color, type, size ...),
    - the price of the goods,
    - Attraction of attention (Novelty, Promotion, TOP sales ...)
    - section "With this product usually buy"
    - section "previously viewed products"
    - block reviews about the product
    - “Buy in one click” button
  • + Ordering on one page, including the payment module and delivery order.
  • + Personal account with order history and personal information and authorization through a profile in social networks
  • + Multilingual: basic language libraries
  • + Caching of main high-load pages: main, category pages, filter results
  • + SSL Security Certificate Connection
  • + Automate header and footer filling
    Automatically generated menu from product categories up to level 3 inclusive
    Simple addition of additional menu items: links to articles and more.
    Feedback form
    Go to pages in social networks
  • + Automatic filling of pages with information about:
    New Products: Last Added
    Popular products: automatically from sales statistics
    Recommended products: administrator choice
    Promotional goods: discounted products
    Previously viewed items
  • + Pages "Contacts" and "About Us"
    Accommodation map
    Feedback form
  • + "Blog" section
    Posting an unlimited number of articles
    Search by section
    Ability to post / hide comments
  • + Banners
    Simple creation of a promotional banner
    Selection of promotional goods
    Determination of the size of the discount and recalculation of the price
    Countdown timer of the promotional period
    Simple creation of subscription banner
    Ability to post / hide comments
  • + Payment options
    The ability to pay in one click
    Bind any payment systems to choose from
    Multicurrency with automatic exchange rate update
    Set up recurring payments (subscription items)
  • + Delivery functions
    Connecting courier services API to choose from
  • + Technical website optimization for fast indexing in search engines
    Adding markup
    Configure robots.txt
    Configure .htaccess
    Module for generating sitemap.xml file
    Configure the CNC module (human-readable URLs)
    A set of measures for technical SEO-site optimization
    Ability to connect external analytics services
  • + Communication with visitors
    Online chat
    Automatic creation of contact lists for e-mailing
    Automatic creation of target audiences for FB, Instragrams
    Customizable algorithm for interacting with users at different stages: (for example, having made a purchase of goods from a category, not completing payment for goods from a category, etc.)

Recommended Services

Base Store
(Shopify store)

  • + Setup adminpanel platform Shopify
  • + Customize the design of the available templates
  • + Setting categories, subcategories of goods

Standart store


Standart Store
+ Marketplace

  • + All features of the Standart Store
  • + Export product listings to Amazon
  • + Adding, changing, deleting information about the product on the site and on Amazon through the admin panel of the site

Technical support

  • + Completion of sites on CMS OpenCart
  • + Installing and configuring modules from the list of Standart Store
  • + Customization for your niche

Landing Page

  • + Development of the structure and design of the page
  • + Placement of conversion enhancements: lead magnets, CTA
  • + Placement of surveys and questionnaires

Individual project

  • + specially selected selection options
  • + integration with a large number of external resources
  • + setting up individual client interaction scenarios with the site